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STEPHEN KING RULES (Monster Squad shirt design) by IzabelMarrupho STEPHEN KING RULES (Monster Squad shirt design) by IzabelMarrupho
Because it's true.
2.- Because Monster Squad.
3.- Because Mr King has a new book out.

This new book, Joyland, seems to be set in one of my all-time favorite places, a carnival, a travelling fun fair. So, it should be a fun summer read. Not that summer influences me much, at least not since '08 (school system rules and schedules stopped applying to me then.) But, summer seems like a pretty good excuse to go on a book spree. On my list also two other, non-SK titles: Confessions of a Sociopath, and, Midnight in Mexico. The first of the latter two should be a fun read as well. If you're into non-fictional diary-like readings. As for the last, also non-fiction, well, it should be fun. In a 'horror film based of true events' sort of fun.

On that note, which has nothing to do with this upcoming subject, I might bring this "design" to life myself. Due to my current writing projects I must send my mind into a retrograde state, and remember what it's like to be eleven or so. Not to write like an eleven-year-old but to "feel" and "react" like an eleven-year-old character. So, I am going back to what I enjoyed then (which hasn't changed much as to my current interests go, anyway, if I must admit), and The Monster Squad movie was pretty much a hit right on the nail for myself. Along with Brainscan and Eerie, Indiana... except, I liked to hide from people, scare family and friends, and climb on my house's rooftop and see the sunrise. Or on top of my father's car's rooftop, in pajamas, and with pillow in hand.

Anyway, yeah. Stephen King Rules.

Post Scriptum: I bet this explains the pointless pictures uploaded before this. ;)
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June 5, 2013
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